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Courier services and Parcel delivery Auction site is a UK based internet auction site aimed to give economic Parcel delivery  to customers. The site works on a reverse auction concept. Auctigo helps to find loads for vehicles travelling on a specific route with empty or part loads. It benefits the customers to obtain the best quote for their consignment.Auctigo effectively uses the unused vehicle spaces and helps the Courier services and Parcel delivery companies to find back loads. This reduces the co2 emission and helps to keep a greener environment .Conventionally Parcel delivery companies operate their vehicles on a predefined route and return to their origin with an empty or part filled vehicle. At Auctigo customers who want to transport a certain item make a free listing of that item on with pickup and delivery location.Many parcel delivery and Courier services , who operate in this route bid on this shipment on a reverse auction format. The customer will choose the most appropriate bid depends on the reputation and the cheap price. Feedback score given on the site helps the customers to measure the reputation of parcel delivery companies. Registration is free for both Courier services and customers. When a customer accepts a bid, the parcel delivery  company has to pay a transaction charge ranging from 2.5 %to 9.9% with a minimum of £5.Currently, Auctigo is covering the entire Europe specifically focusing on UK market. The company is having a future plan for extending in its operation in emerging Asian markets like China and India. Presently Auctigo is functioning in entire Europe with main focus on UK mainland and Ireland .Auctigo is well received by the UK market, and it is growing with a substantial strength.Auctigo pledges to reduce the co2 and lower the traffic congestions. Auctigo helps to eliminate dead miles by filling the vehicle running without any return loads. This is a major help for the parcel delivery and Courier services companies, also for the customers. Each day the number of parcel delivery companies operating on Britain’s roads is more than thousands. helps these Courier services to find an additional load to their vehicles, so that they will run as full as possible. This in turn produces a Green Courier services. This method reduces the total number of vans running ,since customers loading their shipment on the fleets already travelling on a particular route. The Courier services and transport companies registered with Auctigo are on the TerraPass  Carbon offset scheme. This scheme helps the firm to offset the carbon from the journey. This makes each delivery more greener.

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